We are looking for girls who would like to work in our cafe-bar during the spring / summer. We need staff from the middle of March until the end of September. What we require for the position:

  • Good knowledge of English language
  • Greek language is not necessary, but is welcomed. If we accept you for the position, you will be asked to learn few basic words, which you will need for the job (I’ll send you the list – it isn’t more than one page) and also, you will catch some Greek during your stay here.
  • Flexibility and again flexibility. Greece is a country where there is no strict schedule and many times things change, so it is necessary to be flexible.
  • Cooperative and sociable nature (you will be working in a collective, where cooperation is important and you will be working with people)
  • Ability to learn fast
  • Also previous working experiences are welcomed
  • What we need for your application:
  • Your CV (resume)
  • Motivation letter with few words about you but necessary including:
    • your age
    • your nationality (if you are holder of EU passport)
    • language knowledge
    • months which you are interested to come
    • contact information, especially email
  • Some pictures of you – we prefer common pictures, not the ones used for passport
  • All these information must be in English and sent the soonest possible. If some of the required information is missing, we consider your application incomplete and as such we can not asset it.

Contact information: Domina, phone: +30 2226041208, +30 2226041640 +30 6976769534